Product Liability

Litigating in Foreign Jurisdictions Vs. in Florida
Featuring Michael Holt, Miami Office

U.S.-based product manufacturers and service providers routinely do business throughout Latin America. This subjects them to potential legal problems in the event of a product failure or other accident. The claimant may initiate litigation in a foreign country but quite often, the defendant finds itself litigating in one of Florida's state or federal courts. This situation presents a labyrinth of critical decisions the defendant must make early in the litigation.


Commercial & IP

Steps to Avoiding Clearing Broker Liability
Featuring Rebecca Beers, Birmingham Office

Courts and arbitration panels have increased their attention on the relationship between introducing securities broker-dealers and clearing brokers in cases where plaintiffs seek damages from clearing brokers for processing trades for an introducing broker who has committed fraud or other violations of federal and/or state laws. 

Rebecca Beers, an attorney in RKC’s Birmingham office, offers advice for clearing brokers to limit liability for trades made for introducing brokers.



Personal Injury Cases on a Global Scale: Requesting Information from Medical Providers, Physicians, and Employers in Other Countries
Featuring Allan Rotlewicz, Miami Office

Personal injury cases often require defending counsel to review a plaintiff’s medical and employment records to ensure that the injury in question is not a result of a preexisting condition or previous injury. But when the plaintiff has lived or worked in another country, things can become complicated. Allan Rotlewicz answers questions about legal processes for obtaining information from overseas.

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