Cybersecurity Presentation at Florida GovCon Focused on Protecting Companies and National Assets from Compromise


Steve Berlin along with John Fay of Abacode Cybersecurity and Matt Baxter of Burns & Wilcox Brokerage discussed the many issues surrounding cybersecurity during their presentation at Florida GovCon on February 28 in Orlando. John Fay discussed cyber requirements and assessments. Matt Baxter explained risks and insurance coverage for cyber, and Steve Berlin described legal risks and issues. Rick Roman moderated the panel.

Key points of the discussion:

1. All organizations, and not just those handling Covered Defense Information, need to focus on cybersecurity. Foreign Intelligence Services have been targeting personal accounts for defense contractors, so everyone should be thinking cybersecurity at home and at work.

2. Prime Contractors will hold Subcontractors to a high standard when imposing NIST standards regarding Covered Defense Information. It is therefore important for Subcontractors to comply with DFARS 252.204-7012 standards.

3. Organizations must create data protection by design. It starts with the Chief Executive and must garner the same level of focus as physical security and human resources privacy.

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