Internet Safety, Social Media and Schools: Florida Politics Article Recaps Florida School Boards Association Panel


In an article published by Florida Politics on March 10, Blake Dowling, CEO of Aegis Business Technologies, recaps the discussion held at the Florida School Board Association meeting where he and Jacey Kaps served on a panel moderated by FSBA Executive Director Andrea Messina.

Jacey Kaps discussed critical technology / data security issues facing Florida school districts.

“Good data handling practices start from the top down with a commitment from leadership to learn about, train, and support the overall privacy program,” he explains. Whenever possible, data security should be part of the overall architecture of the network from the ground up. “Updating of older technologies provides a window for integrating the tools to protect privacy,” Kaps states. “Since data breaches are a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if,’ having a well written actionable response plan is of vital importance.”

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