"The Sky is the Limit: Legal Considerations for Drone Technology in Appraisals," is Published in Appraisal Buzz


In an article published on Monday, May 21 in Appraisal Buzz, Abigail Roberts discusses legal and regulatory considerations for appraisers who use drone technology.

"There are a number of operational and airspace restrictions that drone operators must be mindful of to avoid violating the Federal Aviation Regulations. For example, every drone pilot must have a license called a Remote Pilot Certification from the FAA before they fly. The operational requirements also prohibit drone flights in controlled airspace – the airspace surrounding airports," she wrote.

“While operators who live in major metropolitan areas with large airports often are aware of controlled airspace and will need a waiver or authorization from the FAA before flying, appraisers who live in areas near smaller regional airports are often surprised to find that they might need to be mindful of controlled airspace that requires applying to the FAA for a waiver before flight,” she explained. 
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