Focus on Diversity: Craig Alexander Participates in the University of Alabama Pre-law Undergraduate Scholars Program


The PLUS Program Helps Prepare Students for Law School or a Career in the Legal Field

On Monday, June 11, Craig Alexander taught 31 students the “Basics of Civil Procedure” during an 80-minute session at the University of Alabama law school as part of the Pre-law Undergraduate Scholars Program, or PLUS program.

During the presentation, Alexander provided an overview of the organization of the Alabama state courts, and how lawsuits are initiated. He described what “pleadings” and “motions” are, giving examples of each. In addition, he talked with students about what judges decide (questions of law) and what juries decide (what the facts are).

The PLUS program offers a unique and unforgettable experience for college students who are interested in the legal profession. The rigorous four-week program prepares students for law school or a career in the legal profession by helping them to develop essential core competencies needed to succeed in these areas. The program is primarily directed at undergraduate college students from groups that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

In addition to enrolling in several core courses which combine lecture, guest speakers and visits to law offices and courts, students also network with practicing lawyers, judicial representatives and law school admissions and career counselors. The rigorous curriculum, application and admissions training, and professional and personal development opportunities help position students from diverse groups to compete for admissions to, enroll in, and thrive during law school.


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