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How I Made Partner Featuring Justin Guido,

How I Made Partner Featuring Justin Guido,

How I Made Partner: Do Not Let Your Career Blow in the Wind

Justin Guido shares his journey to becoming a partner in the series “How I Made Partner” on February 23, 2023 and offers great advice for attorneys in all stages of their careers.

“Set aside time to seriously consider your future career goals and implement a plan to achieve them. It is important to be realistic about your preferences and skillset in deciding what type of lawyer you ultimately want to be,” he said when asked what the most common mistake he sees attorneys making in navigating their careers.

He also discussed the importance of learning from others. “You have to put in the work to obtain the skillset. The practice of law is an art form. As with any art form, it requires lots of practice. And like any successful artist, invest the time to learn from those who are better versed in the art form. Study well-written briefs, observe depositions and attend trials,” he said.

When asked his criteria in selecting a law firm, Justin shared, “I selected and remained with RumbergerKirk because of its collegial atmosphere and opportunity for substantive litigation experience.”

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