Choosing the Right Law Firm for Your Career
UF Levin College of Law

RumbergerKirk Attorneys Share Advice and Lessons with UF Law Students

RumbergerKirk Attorneys Share Advice and Lessons with UF Law Students

During a “Lunch and Learn” session at the University of Florida Levin College of Law on Thursday, March 9, RumbergerKirk attorneys shared interviewing tips and techniques with law students. They also discussed what students should look for in a firm while sharing why firm culture and other benefits can be so important to a fulfilling career as a lawyer and why it is important to find a firm that will invest in a young attorney’s professional development.

After the attorneys talked about their own career paths, students asked questions about what a typical day might look like and what skills they need to focus on acquiring to become litigators.

Meghan Kennedy is a recent graduate from the UF Levin College of Law. She talked about the importance of having mentors in the legal community.

“It’s okay to pick your own path – there is not only one “right” way to achieving your goals. The beauty of having mentors in the legal community is that you can learn from their experiences and listen to their advice, but you only have to take with you what resonates with you. If you find yourself unable to follow every single step of the path that was taken by someone before you, that does not mean you will not be successful. There are many different routes that can be taken to your ultimate success,” she shared.

In addition, when it comes to learning, Meghan also encouraged students to become a well-rounded individuals. “Develop yourself not only by excelling in school, but also by joining extracurricular organizations, and participating in things that inspire you to grow and become better. You are not defined by only one thing on your resume,” she added.