Ciporkin v. Irwin Contracting, Inc. v. Mark 1 Contracting, Inc

The Plaintiff purchased a $1 million penthouse and sued the general contractor for construction defects, as well as for mold-related personal injuries due to water intrusion. The general contractor then sued a subcontractor represented by Mike Forte from the Tampa office of Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell Plaintiff sought $2.1 million in damages.  The general contractor acknowledged the existence of water leaks, but argued any damages awarded to Plaintiff should pass through to the subcontractor. Mr. Forte argued neither Plaintiff nor the general contractor proved the alleged damages resulted from the subcontractor’s scope of work. The jury returned a verdict against the general contractor, but found no liability as to the subcontractor. Currently pending is the subcontractor’s motion for attorney’s fees and costs against the general contractor.   
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