Employment and Labor

Florida Considers Several Bills That Will Impact Florida Employers

Currently, the Florida legislature is brewing with bills that will have an impact on Florida’s employers if they become law. These bills cover a wide...

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Employment and Labor

The Devil is in the Details—for Employers: Florida’s Medical Marijuana Employee Protection Act

After Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2016 and the legislature enacted statutes implementing...

Casualty Litigation

Nuts and Bolts of Florida’s Seatbelt Defense

Florida is a popular destination for vacations and second homes.  When a Canadian is involved...

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Employment and Labor

Medical Marijuana Employee Protection Act: What the Future Could Hold for Florida

With the passing of the 2016 constitutional amendment and the Legislature’s enacting of statutes implementing...

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Government and Administrative

Florida Makes It Easier to Appeal Non-Final Orders Denying State Immunity

Impact of Amendments to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.130 and Florida Highway Patrol v....

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Employment and Labor

Workplace Romance: Do You Have a Policy for That? If You Don’t, You Should

What can a restaurant do to encourage a collaborative, friendly working culture and protect itself...

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Employment and Labor

The Circuit Court Showdown: Will SCOTUS Say Yay or Nay Under Title VII to LGBT Workplace Discrimination?

Employers have long known that gender stereotyping is not allowed under Title VII of the...

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Securities and Financial Services

Minimizing Liability Under the SEC’s Reg-BI

Litigation Risks Posed by the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest Pete Tepley and Meredith Lees highlight...

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Casualty Litigation

Find Your Footing: Don’t Stumble When it Comes to Slip-and-Fall Claims

Some regard slip-and-fall claims as nuisance litigation and often make billboard plaintiffs’ lawyers the butt...

Government and Administrative

How Businesses Can Defeat Website Accessibility Lawsuits

Most large and midsize companies have faced a new reality in recent years—make their websites...