How Attorneys Can Benefit From Being in the Office (at Least Some of the Time)

Remote working and the flexibility it affords is here to stay, and its benefits must be weighed against the intangible and sometimes even more direct...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Eleventh Circuit Reverses its Prior Reasoning Finding: Settlement Agreements can now be Basis for a Bad Faith Claim

In Florida, an excess judgment is when the judgment in the case exceeds the policy...

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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

State of the Insolvency World: A Look at Recent Trends that May Affect Bankruptcies and Restructuring in the Year Ahead

The past two years have been tough on economies worldwide and the future continues to...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

OIR Approves Binding Arbitration and Waiver of Entitlement to Relating Attorney Fees

American Integrity is the first insurance carrier to implement binding arbitration language and a waiver...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Fourth DCA’s Decision on Assignment of Benefits May be Beneficial to Insurance Carriers Seeking Compliance with Section 627.70152

Section 627.7152, Florida Statutes went into effect on July 1, 2019 and regulates assignment of...

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Securities and Financial Services

Are Broker-Dealers Acting in the Best Interests of Their Customers? ‘Not Yet,’ Says FINRA

Noting Deficiencies, FINRA Suggests Best Practices for Reg BI Compliance During its first-ever review of...

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Commercial Litigation

Florida High Court Says Airbnb Arbitration Sticks- It’s in the Fine Print

In a 6-1 decision, the Supreme Court of Florida reversed the Second District Court of...

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Employment and Labor

To Avoid FLSA Retaliation, Don’t Miss the Oral Complaints

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently reminded field investigators to be on the lookout for...

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Employment and Labor

Florida Still Strongly Favors Employer’s Non-Compete Agreements 

Non-compete and confidentiality clauses have long been a fixture in employment agreements in Florida. However,...

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Employment and Labor

New “Stop Woke Act” to Expand Florida Employer Liability

On March 10, 2022, the Florida Legislature passed Florida House Bill 7 / Senate Bill...