Professional Liability

Into the Void: The Defense of Lack of Subject-Matter Jurisdiction

Subject matter jurisdiction describes the power and author­ity to adjudicate a case, and to enter a valid, binding judg­ment. This power is derived from Alabama’s...

Casualty Litigation

Florida Supreme Court Says Permissive Language of Florida PIP Statute and Policy Provisions Dictate Payment of Medical Expenses by Insurers

In Florida, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage limits reimbursement of medical charges to 80% of...

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Government and Administrative

Florida Supreme Court Affirms Officers’ Authority to Order a Driver out of a Vehicle During a Traffic Stop for Officer Safety

The Florida Supreme Court recently affirmed what, until recently, had been long standing law: an...

Class Actions

TCPA Update: FCC Implements New One-to-One Consent Rule

Recently, the FCC adopted a new rule impacting what constitutes prior express written consent under...

Casualty Litigation

Third DCA on Cell Phone Discovery: Balancing Privacy Rights and Litigation Needs

Cell phones have now been around for decades.  Along the way, they grew up and...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Third DCA Holds that Insurer and Insured Can Agree to Alternative Means of Policy Cancellation

On April 10, 2024, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal held that an insurer and...

Employment and Labor

Impact of the DOL’s New Overtime Rule: Fewer Employees Will Be Exempt From Overtime

A new overtime rule, Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Outside Sales,...

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Commercial Litigation

IRS Continues Auditing Employee Retention Credit Claims for Fraud, Offers Protection for At-Risk Small Businesses

Over the past year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has discovered billions of dollars in...

Mediation & Arbitration

Nonbinding Arbitration: Finding a Way to Resolution

It has become a trend in many circuit courts to order cases to nonbinding arbitration,...

Employment and Labor

EEOC’s Final Rule for the PWFA Clarifies Employer Responsibilities

Employers should train supervisors on how to receive and respond to PWFA accommodation requests. On...

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