Government and Administrative

Relief for Local Governments and Taxpayers: Court Limits Attorneys’ Fees Under Sunshine Law

Section 119, Florida Statutes, called the “Sunshine Law”, was designed to hold government accountable and make the decision-making process transparent and accessible to taxpayers. In...

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Government and Administrative

A Miranda Procedural Violation Does Not Necessarily Create a Civil Cause of Action for a Violation of the Fifth Amendment

The United States Supreme Court has recently held that a violation of the Miranda procedure...

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Employment and Labor

Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision Alters the Scope of Recoverable Damages Under Anti-Discrimination Statutes Enacted under the Spending Clause

The Supreme Court of the United States recently held in Cummings v. Premier Rehab Keller,...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Mentor

To some, mentorship comes naturally, but others may need a little bit more time and...

Employment and Labor

Florida Businesses can do More When Aiding Gig Economy Worker in Emergencies Without Worry of Liability

Good news is on the horizon for companies that legitimately use independent contractors.  The Florida...

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Casualty Litigation

Florida Supreme Court Confirms Limitation of Joerg Holding to Future Medical Expenses

The Florida Supreme Court recently confirmed that claimants may only submit evidence of past medical...

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Government and Administrative

Florida’s Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Requires Proof that Pre-Suit Statutory Notice of Claim Actually be Received within the Limitations Period

Sovereign immunity stands for the long-standing premise that the government cannot be sued without its...

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How Attorneys Can Benefit From Being in the Office (at Least Some of the Time)

Remote working and the flexibility it affords is here to stay, and its benefits must...

Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Eleventh Circuit Reverses its Prior Reasoning Finding: Settlement Agreements can now be Basis for a Bad Faith Claim

In Florida, an excess judgment is when the judgment in the case exceeds the policy...

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Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

OIR Approves Binding Arbitration and Waiver of Entitlement to Relating Attorney Fees

American Integrity is the first insurance carrier to implement binding arbitration language and a waiver...