Employment and Labor

New Non-Compete Rule May Not Pass But Employers Should Stay On Alert

For the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) proposed rule to ban non-compete clauses to become law,...

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In the Case of Public School Bathrooms: Separate Is Equal

Eleventh Circuit Says School’s Policy of Assigning Bathrooms Based on Biological Sex Does Not Violate...

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Government and Administrative

The Who, What, Where and Why of Florida’s Public Records Law, and How to Avoid Pitfalls

Public agencies commonly slip up when navigating Florida’s public records law, which can result in...

Casualty Litigation

A Look Back at the Transitory Foreign Substance Statute

On July 1, 2010, the law governing transitory foreign substance cases shifted dramatically after section...

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Commercial Litigation

Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege and Attorney Work-Product During Internal Investigations

Suppose your company suspects an employee broke the law, perhaps even using company property to...

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Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Florida’s Property Insurance Reform: The Impact on Carriers and Insureds in the State of Florida

The Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 2-A (“SB2A” or the “Act”), which was signed into...

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Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Automatic Liability: New Risk Under California’s Insurance Lapse Protection Statutes

Last year, the Supreme Court of California held that changes in the California Insurance Code’s...

External General Counsel Services

Consider an External General Counsel for Your Growing Business

An external general counsel is a trusted adviser who knows your business and has a...

Employment and Labor

Hurricanes, Wildfires And Floods, Oh My!, In

How to put emergency action plans in place for dealing with natural disasters and other...

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Title IX: How Do Colleges and Universities Comply?

At its core, Title IX appears to be simple – public and private schools receiving...

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