This summer, do real work on real cases. Become a Summer Associate.

Work closely with preeminent lawyers, receive hands-on training and development, and be integrally involved in real cases. Our Summer Associate Program is your start to a successful career.

Real Cases.
Applying Knowledge.

  • Attend hearings, depositions, and mediations.
  • Perform in a mock trial, depositions, opening and closings, and motions practice.
  • Attend educational seminars and workshops.
  • Draft memorandums, motions, and pleadings.
  • Do legal research.

Follow along each year as our Summer Associates share every week what they’re learning and working on at RumbergerKirk.

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What to Expect

Over the course of ten weeks with RumbergerKirk, you’ll gain hands-on experience attending hearings and depositions, drafting motions and pleadings, and being part of a mock trial.

You’ll also get to know our partners, associates, and staff better during fun social outings.

  1. Orientation and getting to know your colleagues
  2. Taking Depositions Seminar
  3. Opening & Closing Statements
  4. Writing Competition
  5. Motion Practice
  6. Direct & Cross
  7. Mock Trial
  8. Summer Fun

The Summer Associate Program culminates in a mock trial. Many of our associates, partners, and staff participate as coaches, judges, and witnesses. The trial is a challenging and rewarding end to an energizing summer.

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The Culture

We work hard, but we know how to enjoy ourselves. Through engaging group activities you can get to know our people on a more personal level. And have fun doing it.

The Verdict

We believe that doing is the best way to learn. Hear what some of our summer associate graduates who have gone on to have successful careers with RumbergerKirk have to say about their experiences.

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There is nothing like the RK Summer Associate program. Immediately, you are immersed into the world of a real-life lawyer. The moment you step foot in the office on your first day, you can feel everyone rooting for your success. The partners undertake an immediate interest in you, your career, and your potential.
Meghan Kennedy
You won’t find another program like this one. It will provide a better education, and let you work closer with your attorneys than any other Summer Associate experience.
Fred Clarke
During the program, I had the opportunity to research and draft an appellate brief. I threw myself into the assignment, worked extremely hard, and my supervising partner filed my draft with virtually no changes. That was very satisfying and sealed my job offer. I also had a lot of fun that summer with the clerkship’s social activities.
Charles P. Mitchell
The mock trial was my favorite part of the summer program. No other clerkship offered the opportunity to actually try a case. You learn so much more about actual litigation when you actually get to litigate, even if its fake.
Suzanne Barto Hill
The summer associate program allowed me to hit the ground running when I started as an associate, I knew what was expected of me and had less of a learning curve.
Brett M. Carey
I wanted to do more than just research. The summer program gave me opportunities to attend hearings and depositions as well as draft substantive motions and pleadings, while many of my peers sat in the library all summer.
LaShawnda K. Jackson
My favorite part of the summer program was doing real work on real cases, not busy work for pretend projects.
Daniel J. Gerber
Whether or not a job offer is extended, you leave the program with much more knowledge than you started with…no other firm provides the chance to learn from seasoned professionals in a structured setting and compete in a mock trial at the end of the summer.
Robert P. Barton
My favorite part of the Summer Associates Program was working closely with attorneys in the firm who demonstrated skills and techniques that helped me grow.
Michael L. Forte