Faull v. Faull

Lan Kennedy-Davis represented the Wife and was lead counsel in this dissolution of marriage action that crossed international waters and took an interesting turn, which involved a subsequent case of murder and intrigue that made international headlines. After trial, the Court awarded the Wife everything that she requested in the divorce. Refusing to acknowledge the Court’s Final Judgment, the Husband removed well over $1 million from the parties’ accounts and fled to Belize, where he had built a large house on a double ocean front lot next door to John McAfee (the inventor of the McAfee anti-virus software), even though Wife was also awarded this house in Belize. While hiding from the Court in Belize, he was allegedly murdered by John McAfee. The Court awarded Lan Kennedy-Davis and her co-counsel, the Husband’s 50-foot yacht in which he purchased for $175,000 and used to flee to Belize. The John McAfee murder story is broadcast on television, and the Husband’s estate has filed an action against John McAfee in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida.
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