Financial Advisor IQ Speaks with Linda Bond Edwards about Discrimination Lawsuits in the Wealth Management Industry


In the article, “Hurdles Advisors Face When Trying to Prove Discrimination” published by Financial Advisor IQ on Monday, July 16, Linda Edwards explains that when employers are consistent in the application of their policies and procedures, they are in a better position to explain and defend their actions. “In the financial advisory industry, most of the discrimination cases being litigated are related to gender and race, but there are also many retaliation-related discrimination cases which may not involve either such characteristics.”

“In many instances, employers will try to assess the situation with an employee who has been terminated or is about to be terminated, for example, so that the employee will not feel there is a need to go to court,” says Edwards. “I encourage employers to use exit interviews and look for the signs,” Edwards says. “If there is some anger or distrust or discriminatory feeling, it gives the employer an opportunity to try and resolve it at that point.”

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