Suzanne Singer Talks with about Workplace Violence Preparedness and Prevention


In the article, "Workplace Violence: How Your Business Should Prepare and React," published by on May 21, 2019, Suzanne Singer discusses workplace violence preparedness and prevention. She shares that first step in prevention is to identify what leads to workplace violence and what industries are most susceptible. Although no company or employee is completely immune to the risk of violence.

"Among those [at a higher risk] are employees who exchange money with the public, and those who work alone or in small groups, during late night or early morning hours, or in community settings or homes where they have extensive contact with the public," Singer states. "This group includes social service workers, individuals in the healthcare field, community workers, probation officers and psychological/psychiatric evaluators."

Singer provides a list of tips for employers to promote a violence-free workplace. She stresses establishing a process where employees can safely and anonymously report threatening activity, installing security entrances and video surveillance, and establishing safe places for employees to take refuge should a violent event occur.

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