Casualty Litigation

A Quick Note about Pain and Suffering Disclosures in Federal Court

In federal court, personal injury plaintiffs are required to disclose a computation of each category...

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Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

Cover Me to the Moon: Will Insurers Provide Coverage for Space Tourism Travel?

Everybody Wants to Go to Space While the floodgates for space tourism travel may not...

Casualty Litigation

Automotive and Trucking Accidents in the U.S. with Foreign Defendants: What Insurers Need to Know

Attorneys Mike Forte and Vince Saccomando discuss defense strategies for automotive and trucking accidents in...

Casualty Litigation

Florida Car Accident Lawsuits: How to Apply the Brakes on Plaintiffs

Looking for the Most Generous County When a Canadian is sued in Florida, moving the...

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Casualty Litigation

Using Vicarious Liability to Defeat Employer Negligence Claims

In lawsuits involving commercial trucking accidents, plaintiffs frequently sue the driver’s employer for vicarious liability...

Product Liability

Florida Court Extends Privacy Rights to Vehicle Black Box

In a case of first impression, the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal held that...

Casualty Litigation

What Lies Ahead as Florida Transitions to Daubert

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law a piece of legislation that transforms Florida...

Casualty Litigation

Tractor-Trailer ECM Data Plays Part in Spoliation of Evidence

Failing to take immediate action to protect electronic data following an accident not only can...