Employment and Labor

Florida Still Strongly Favors Employer’s Non-Compete Agreements 

Non-compete and confidentiality clauses have long been a fixture in employment agreements in Florida. However,...

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Is School Policy for Transgender Student Bathroom Use Discriminatory Under Title IX?

School’s Policy Prohibiting the Presence of a Transgender Student in the Restroom That Matches Their...

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Florida Legislature Proposes Bill Banning Transgender School/College Athletes From Girls’ & Women’s Sports

Legislation Would Allow Schools and Colleges to Request a Health Exam to Verify Student’s Sex...

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Employment and Labor

Biden Expected to Approve American Rescue Plan Act Within Next 72 Hours

Update: On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the bill into law, extending FFCRA’s payroll...


Student-Athlete’s Signed Release Insulates School Boards From Personal Injury Claims

In January of 2021, the Fourth District joined the Third District and ruled that a...


Florida Supreme Court Limits Amount of Recovery in Mass Events

In Barnett v. State Department of Financial Services, No. SC19-87, ––– So.3d ––––, 2020 WL...

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Government and Administrative

Florida Limits Amount of Recovery in Mass Shootings

Barnett v. State of Florida and Its Effect on Governmental Entities who Are Sued for...

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Employment and Labor

SCOTUS Rules LGBTQ Workers are Protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Federal ruling clarifies the confusion of the circuit courts that workplace discrimination based on sexual...

Employment and Labor

SCOTUS Has Ruled: Federal Civil Rights Law Protects LGBTQ in the Workplace

Employers have long known that gender stereotyping is not allowed under Title VII of the...

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Commercial Litigation

COVID-19: The Paycheck Protection Program Q & A

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, was...

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