Top Tips: Cost-effective and Timely Dispute Resolution

Bert Spence provided the following top tips for timely dispute resolution and answers to questions...

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Up Next: Does Congress Have Constitutional Authority to Regulate Evictions and Foreclosures?

Stay Tuned for the Coming Ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth... Gouin
Commercial Litigation

Alabama Association of Realtors Prevails: Another Court Rules CDC Rule Prohibiting Evictions is Invalid and Unenforceable

A federal court in Washington, D.C. has become the latest in a growing group of...

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Commercial Litigation

Texas Federal Court Ruled Federal Government Has No Constitutional Power Over Foreclosures and Evictions

A federal court in Texas has ruled that the federal government has no constitutional power...

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Securities and Financial Services

Financial Services Industry Regulation in The Biden Era

As the Biden administration takes shape, many are foreseeing changes to the regulation and conduct...

Commercial Litigation

Mortgage Lenders Beware: CARES Act Potentially Erases Billions of Dollars in Federally-Backed Loan Values

Mortgage lenders beware: The “CARES” Act has features that make enforcement of federally-backed mortgage loans...

Commercial Litigation

House Passes Bill To Protect Banks, Credit Unions And Insurance Companies Providing Services To Legal Cannabis Businesses

Banks, credit unions and insurance companies would be protected in doing business with a wide...

Commercial Litigation

The Changing Environment of Bank Litigation

Banks face a dizzying array of legal and regulatory requirements that affect their daily decisions...