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Significant FCC Ruling Distinguishes Online Fax Services Not in Violation of TCPA

In a welcome win to defendants fighting TCPA fax class actions, the Consumer and Governmental...

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Commercial Litigation

TCPA Fax Class Actions Could Be An Endangered Species

Originally published on Law360 on August 1 2019. A number of emerging trends and events...

Commercial Litigation

Revisiting The Fax Provision: Technology’s Impact On TCPA

Originally published in Law360, Expert Analysis, July 24, 2018 There has never been a more...

Commercial Litigation

Technological Change As A Defense to TCPA Fax Class Actions

In Scoma Chiropractic, P.A. v. Dental Equities, LLC, MasterCard International, Inc., et al., Judge Steele...

Consumer Defense

Commercial And Consumer Litigation In Florida – A Summary Guide To Key Florida Statutory Provisions And Common Law Doctrines

This memorandum provides in-house counsel and out-of-state counsel with an introduction to a number of...

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U.S. Supreme Court Affirms District Court Decision Under FLSA Holding When Rule 68 Offer Of Judgment Includes Complete Relief

A sharply divided United States Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to affirm a Federal...

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Navigating Florida’s Little FTC Act

Florida’s consumer protection legislation was designed to complement the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) work by...

Commercial Litigation

Class Actions Under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act Of 1991

Originally published in the 2010 Fall issue of FDCC Quarterly. View article