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Hangover II: Louis Vuitton Files Trademark Infringement Case Against Warner Bros.

The film “The Hangover II” has spawned a trademark infringement suit by retailer and manufacturer Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has sued Warner Bros. in Federal court in New York alleging that the handbag used by the "Alan" character in the film was a "Diophy Bag bearing the Knock-off Monogram Design" of a Louis Vuitton product. Louis Vuitton believes that moviegoers will believe that the product in the movie is authentic. Throughout the complaint, Louis Vuitton refers to scenes from the movie when the Diophy Bag is depicted to demonstrate how the Diophy bag will be confused by viewers with a Louis Vuitton handbag. Particularly noted is the "Alan" character’s line regarding the Diophy Bag–"careful that is a Louis Vuitton." Photographs of both Diophy and Louis Vuitton markings are also included to demonstrate the similarity of the Diophy mark to that of the Louis Vuitton mark. The complaint can be viewed on this blog.

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