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A Focus on Mentoring: RK Participates in the Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation’s Annual Minority Mentoring Picnic

Strong mentoring is at the heart of RK’s culture and success. Last weekend, the firm stepped outside to join in the Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation (KMMF) Annual Minority Mentoring Picnic at Zoo Miami.

For the past 14 years, the picnic has grown to become the KMMF’s premier annual event attracting many judges, established lawyers, law firms of all sizes and law students from every school in Florida. The event offers every student, lawyer and judge who attends to have an opportunity to find a mentor or mentee in a fun and informal setting.

Several attorneys from RK attended the event including Justin Guido, Mike Holt, LaShawnda Jackson, Jacey Kaps, Josh Lerner, Jens Ruiz, Monica Segura, Suzanne Singer, and Steve Smith.

“We met and spoke with many students throughout the day. It was a very fulfilling experience to be able to connect with so many students,” said Monica Segura, a partner in the Miami office. “We talked with them about the importance of practicing with professionalism, as well as the many aspects of litigation,” she continued.

Participating in events like this is a win-win for everyone. The firm reaches a large and diverse group of students who have the opportunity to learn about the firm and its programs such as the Summer Associate Program and the Associate College, while students have the opportunity to find mentors who can guide them along their path.

About KMMF:

The Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation’s primary goal is to build an effective pathway to diversity in the legal profession by providing opportunities and support to minority and women law students through mentoring programs, networking and fellowships. The Foundation regularly promotes awareness in the legal community for the need to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. The Foundation recruits and assists experienced lawyers and judges to mentor minority law students attending law school in Florida. For more information, visit:

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