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Associate Life: Branding Tips from Paul Lipton

Associate Life: Branding Tips from Paul Lipton

Paul Lipton

Earlier this month, Director of Professionalism, Career and Skill Development Paul Lipton talked with associates about how to create a strong brand. He began by asking, “What is the first thought you want your clients, judges, and other lawyers to think when they see your name on a pleading, or see you walking into the conference room or courtroom?”

He reminded associates that this is now their opportunity to create and establish that brand. “As your own creator, it’s important to start with knowing both what you want to be known for and why and to have a clear picture of what you want your reputation to be and why,” he said.

Some ways for associates to work on building their brands:

  1. Seek out mentors who inspire you and then sit with them and ask questions such as:
    • How did you define yourself that separated you from all the others?
    • What have you learned along the way as to having a successful career?
    • When things went bad at times, what core beliefs got you through those tough patches?
    • How did you develop your unique expertise and how did you get that expertise known?
  2. Establish your authenticity as an expert in the field by writing and lecturing;
  3. Your interaction with others and ability to listen and adapt to unforeseen circumstances affects your brand;
  4. Volunteering highlights your leadership skills and concern for the community;
  5. Be consistent;
  6. Be the calm energy in the raging storm of events and see the larger picture;
  7. Understand your unique story and embrace your individual gifts and talents and express it in a positive, uplifting way;
  8. Be sure your professional and personal brands are consistent, especially on social media.