Florida Society of Association Executives Roundtable

Conducting Meaningful Employee Evaluations

Conducting Meaningful Employee Evaluations

During a roundtable with the Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE), Tallahassee partner Nicole Smith shared tips for conducting meaning employee evaluations. She discussed steps employers can take to more effectively communicate with employees regarding their performance and to set and achieve goals that align with the organization’s mission and objectives.

In addition, she talked about some of the problems with traditional evaluations such as:

  • Rater Bias – objectives and objectivity can get lost in personal biases
  • Rating Inflation – performance reviews linked to incentives for managers, or manager fearful of hurting relationship with employee
  • Rating employees on factors not related to job performance or specific job duties (one size does not fit all)

Nicole shared ideas on customizing the review process to fit the particular needs of the position and the organization and avoid the common problems with traditional evaluations.

Left to Right: FSAE President/CEO Frank Rudd, RumbergerKirk Associate Kayla Platt Rady, RumbergerKirk Partner Nicole Smith and FSAE Secretary Larry Darnell