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Dogs, Coded Notes, Christmas Trees: Attys’ Military Memories, Law360

Robert Barton shares his story about a dog named Miley who won the hearts of his platoon while serving as a Marine in a Law360 article honoring veterans on November 9, 2020.

In the article, Barton says, “During my time in Afghanistan, a local Labrador mix named Miley won the hearts of many members of our platoon. We were assigned a bomb-sniffing service dog, but Miley was different because we were able to pet and play with her.”

In addition to providing much-needed comfort in a combat zone, Miley also protected the soldiers.

“She joined us on every foot patrol and on every mission. She stayed by our side during firefights with the enemy, and she slept with us in our tents at the end of the day. Even better, she was a great guard dog! She would bark and growl at every Afghani soldier or citizen that approached our tents at night. This was significant because the local Taliban leaders at the time were recruiting Afghani soldiers, whom we shared an operating base with, to kill Americans and their allies while they slept.”

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