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DoorDash Rolls Out Alcohol Delivery Program, FSR Magazine

DoorDash Rolls Out Alcohol Delivery Program, FSR Magazine

Jennifer Smith Thomas discusses legal considerations for companies and restaurants as they explore alcohol to-go in an article published in FSR Magazine on September 20.

“There’s potential issues with state law compliance, overserving, insurance liability, and possible liability with third-party delivery companies,” explains Thomas. “Restaurants need to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether they should keep serving alcohol to-go.”

She continues by outlining that “if somebody takes a margarita cocktail kit and drinks all four of them and then gets in their car and drives into somebody else, those people are going to come after the restaurant. So, I think the restaurateurs need to consider their insurance coverage, their general liability policies, and whether or not this type of service is going to be included in their insurance policies.”

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