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Few Florida Inmates Granted Conditional Medical Release, Orlando Sentinel

In an article published in the Orlando Sentinel on April 24, Tallahassee partner and criminal defense attorney Richard Greenberg talked about the frequent denial for conditional medical release cases by the Florida Commission on Offender Review.

“Unfortunately, they deny them a lot more than they grant them,” said Greenberg.

The article reports that while many states “have identified and released groups of inmates, such as those considered low-risk, nearing their release date or especially vulnerable to COVID-19, like the elderly or immuno-compromised, Florida has yet to inch in that direction.”

The article also reports that in the past 10 years, forty-five percent of conditional medical release cases have been granted in Florida, according to data from the Florida Commission on Offender Review. Despite the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state, an even smaller proportion of such case have been granted this year than in past years.

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