Florida Bar Board Certification Panel: How and Why To Get Board Certified
Orange County Bar Association

Florida Bar Board Certification: How and Why to Get Board Certified

Florida Bar Board Certification: How and Why to Get Board Certified

The Orange County Bar Association Intellectual Property, Business Law, Criminal Law, and Construction Law Committees hosted a CLE event for attorneys to learn more about Florida Bar Board Certification. The distinguished panel of board certified attorneys shared the how and why to get board certified. RumbergerKirk partner David Willis participated in the panel discussion. As one of 15 Florida attorneys certified in three areas, he provides unique insight to those seeking certification.

Some facts from The Florida Bar about certification:

  • Board certification is a voluntary program for lawyers, officiated by The Florida Supreme Court and administered by The Florida Bar. The program began in 1982 to help the public select lawyers who are distinguished in particular areas of law. There are 27 certification areas.
  • Board certification is Florida’s official, independent determination of a lawyer’s expertise to practice in a specialty field of law. It is the gold standard for Florida lawyers, representing a recognition by a lawyer’s peers that they have attained a level of professional expertise in their chosen fields.
  • Board-certified lawyers have dedicated themselves to achieving a heightened level of excellence through character, professionalism, ethics, and credibility in the practice of law.
  • Lawyers must practice law for at least five years before becoming eligible to start the board certification process, demonstrate substantial involvement in the area of law in which certification is sought, pass a comprehensive examination that evaluates a high level of knowledge, skills, and expertise in a specialty field and undergo a rigorous peer-review process that assesses competence in a specialty field, as well as professionalism and ethics in the practice of law.

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