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Florida Record Talks with Dan Gerber about Costs of Tort-Related Lawsuits in Florida

"Daniel Gerber, Orlando attorney, calls Florida lawsuit climate costly" by Carrie Bradon was published on November 8 in Florida Record. 

"Political leaders and the courts have to recognize that the failure to limit inappropriate and unsupported lawsuits has dramatic cost effects, including insurance costs, which are then either passed along to the consumers or limit job growth," Gerber told the Florida Record.

"The legislature and the courts should be concerned about issues like assignments of benefits, which dramatically increase unjustified and unsupportable lawsuits," Gerber said. "Those leaders also have to address ‘truth in damages’ laws in personal injury actions to appropriately limit damages which can be sought in personal injury cases to those actually suffered by the person who claims to be injured."

Gerber explained that this means instead of considering what he calls "speculative and unsupported damages," which arise in personal injury cases, plaintiffs should be limited in what they can ask for.

"Plaintiffs’ needs to be limited to the honest measure of their damages, especially medical bills, rather than unsupported claims," he said.

Read the full article here. 

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