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Mike Holt and Nicole Sieb Smith to Speak at FIFEC Annual Conference June 13, 2014

Rumberger attorneys Michael Holt and Nicole Smith to present at the 22nd Annual FIFEC Conference to be held in Orlando, June 11-13, 2014.

Holt and Smith will present the topic "Maximizing Recovery in the Wake of Insurance Fraud," on Friday, June 13.

Insurance companies lose millions to organized fraud rings. Often times, insurers contemplate lawsuits against the perpetrators. The success of these suits depends in large part on the amount of the recovery. To enhance the odds of a successful recovery, insurers can take several steps to ensure that they pursue the most collectable targets. Obtaining a judgment is just the beginning. Most fraudsters will not voluntarily pay large adverse judgments; that is where the collection process becomes extremely important. Through a series of post-judgment steps, insurers can maximize their changes of a successful recovery. This presentation will focus on thefront and back ends of recovery actions, and touch upon available legal theories.

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