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An Argument for a Career in Law, Attorney At Law Magazine

An Argument for a Career in Law, Attorney At Law Magazine

Over the summer, Andres Chinchilla, a student at the University of Miami School of Law, participated in the RumbergerKirk Summer Associate Program. He talked with Attorney at Law Magazine about what first attracted him to the field of law, what practice area he’s interested in pursuing and more.

“When I was about seven years old my dad told me I should be a lawyer because of how much I argued. I decided in high school to test out his theory. I started a mock trial team, competed, and absolutely fell in love. I continued to compete in mock trial throughout high school, college, and now law school. My studies in law school have fostered my passion in oral and written advocacy,” explained Chinchilla.

He also talked about what an inspiration his dad has been for him. “Everyone in my family is an inspiration to me but I have to say that my dad is a standout. He’s just always been the type of person to fight when his back is up against the wall, take risks, and work hard. As a result, he’s been able to do things for myself and my siblings that he wouldn’t have been able to imagine as a child. I am forever grateful for his efforts and continuously look to him as a source of inspiration.”

Andres Chinchilla makes a point during the mock trial.

While Chinchilla may not be sure which practice area he’ll pursue, he’s clear in his focus on becoming a trial attorney. “I am confident that I will be a trial lawyer. Not sure in what practice area necessarily but I need to be in a courtroom on a weekly basis arguing and presenting evidence before a judge and/or jury.”

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