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Patrick Delaney Presents at Inns of Court

Patrick Delaney Presents at the Peter T. Fay American Inns of Court

On February 13, 2017, the Peter T. Fay American Inns of Court featured a panel presentation entitled “Florida’s Death Penalty.” Panelists included Judge Milton Hirsch, Professor Tamara Lawson of St. Thomas University, and Rumberger attorney and former Assistant Attorney General, Patrick Delaney. President Armando Hernandez moderated. The presentation took place in Miami, Florida.

The panel addressed various aspects of Florida’s Death Penalty including its history, developments in state and federal law, unanimity requirement, positions of the Supreme Court justices, underlying purposes, crime deterrence, retribution, statistics, ethical considerations and dilemmas, prosecutorial discretion, and the future status of the death penalty in Florida. The program was aimed to answer questions and address specific topics regarding the current affairs of Florida’s Death Penalty, recent developments in the law, sociological/anthropological/statistical/ethical considerations, and the ethics underlying enforcement and application of the death penalty. The question and answer session consisted of lawyers, judges and law students.

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