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Supreme Court-Mandated Professionalism CLE Now Available, Florida Bar News

Supreme Court-Mandated Professionalism CLE Now Available, Florida Bar News

The Florida Bar News reports that a new, Supreme Court-mandated professionalism CLE featuring a varied group of experts, including RumbergerKirk Director of Professionalism, Career and Skill Development Paul Lipton, is now available for free on The Florida Bar website.

“Professionalism Expectations: A Mandatory CLE for Members of The Florida Bar,” was produced by the Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism and can be accessed through The Bar’s InReach platform. The nearly two-hour presentation is approved for 2 CLE credits, both of which may be applied toward Professionalism.

Former Bar President Michael Tanner, a Jacksonville attorney who made professionalism a priority during his year-long term beginning in June 2021, sets the tone for the presentation with his opening remarks.

“We know that when we practice with civility and professionalism and integrity and honesty that we fulfill our duties to the public and to our clients to the greatest extent, and we know that when we practice that way, we will enjoy the practice of law to greatest extent,” Tanner says.

The CLE is divided into nine segments that include Tanner’s welcoming remarks. Lipton’s remarks are included in the “Professionalism Advice from a Seasoned Attorney.” During the segment, Lipton shares seven lessons he’s learned from talking with legal masters and legends for The Florida Bar over the years.

One lesson Lipton shares in the CLE is the importance of daily choices and decisions. “We are the sum of our choices,” he said. “Our choices have consequences and those consequences are your future history.” He stresses the importance of focusing on what matters and to make time for yourself and your family in order to be the best lawyer you can be for your clients.

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