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Taking the Bar Exam: Tips for the Last Day Before the Test

In advance of the Florida Bar Exam on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, we wish all of those taking the test the best of luck. Orlando Associates Sara Lewis and Michaela Kirn, who both passed the exam last year, offer these tips for what to do on the last day before the test:

  • Keep up your stress-reducing practices. Whether it’s playing a “bar pump up” playlist or listening to a guided mediation to help you relax , these will help divert your mind from focusing on the stress of the exam.
  • Try to ignore or distance yourself from people who ARE vocally stressing about the exam. Focus on the fact that you HAVE studied enough for this exam, and you are ready for it. Remember, you just have to pass, you don’t have to ace the exam!
  • Don’t study the day before the exam. Take some time for your brain to relax and unwind so you are fresh for the next day. Consider spending time with yourself relaxing or with others that keep you in a good mindset heading into the test.
  • Limit outside stressors as best as you can.
  • Remain calm and confident!

Kirn and Lewis joined partner Richard Greenberg to present “Taking the Bar Exam and Bar Admissions Process,” as the first of the RumbergerKirk Professional Development Series virtual workshops for Florida A&M College of Law students on Thursday, September 24. Learn more about the series and upcoming events.

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