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Turnarounds & Workouts Talks with Bankruptcy Experts including Scott Williams for a Mid-Year Update

In the June edition of Turnarounds and Workouts, a newsletter for corporate restructuring professionals, Julie Schaeffer talked with five experts for a mid-year review on the state of bankruptcy including Birmingham partner and bankruptcy attorney Scott Williams.

In the article, Williams said, “The political uncertainty in Washington is creating substantial market uncertainty throughout the country.” He continued that this uncertainty is keeping individuals and companies from thinking or planning for the long term. “While we are in generally good economic times, the country should be investing in substantial capital infrastructure. Instead, the political winds seem to be creating an atmosphere where corporations and politicians are fearful of making any lengthy commitments of capital, and that is not ultimately good for our economy,” he added.

Williams predicts that the agriculture industry is likely to face substantial pressure. “International trade issues compounded by tariffs as well as a market that is very sensitive to interest rate increases is like[ly] to make agriculture an important restructuring area in the near future.”

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