Week 6 2020

A Closing to Remember

A Closing to Remember

Week six was an absolute blast. More so than weeks prior, I stepped well out of my comfort zone this week, and I could not be happier that I did.

Once again, my fellow Summer Associates and I started the week off strong by attending the Closing and Opening Seminar hosted by Tampa partner Rob Blank. You can tell that Rob loves what he does and cannot wait to get back into the courtroom to practice his art. Rob discussed how we should speak, how we should position ourselves, and what we should focus on during an opening and a closing. This seminar helped us prepare for what was to come on Thursday when we had to present our closing argument for the case we were given at the seminar.

Nice View!

On Tuesday, I was able to attend a virtual deposition with Miami associate Tammy Brito. This experience was different because this deposition was that of an expert. The expert had taken depositions before and knew the format and questions that were coming his way. It was fascinating witnessing an expert in his field discuss the complicated details involved in a construction case.

Wednesday was my third work-from-home day. I hadn’t blogged about my two previous work-from-home days because I wanted to feel it out. However, after my third day, I can say that I was and am incredibly productive working from home. It was a nice change of pace to work and practice my closing argument from home. The fact that I’m able to seamlessly transition from working in my office to working from home is fantastic.

Thursday came, and it was time to close. After over twenty hours of preparation, I had to perform my closing argument. It was a rush. Talking to a (fictional) jury, telling them the story I wanted them to hear, showing how my case was better than opposing counsels’ case was the most fun I’ve had this summer. What a wonderful experience, which I know will help me tremendously for my upcoming final trial. I very much look forward to this mock trial, which will undoubtedly make me a better law student, as I will be taking Litigation Skills upon my return to campus in mid-August, and ultimately, a better lawyer.

I ended my week by completing various assignments for Miami partner Douglas Ede and attending a happy hour at Moxie’s Bar and Grill in Mary Brickell Village, just steps away from the Miami office. It was very nice to see a lot of the Miami associates once again.

Week five was another great success. Week six looks to be just as intense as I will be working on a motion for summary judgment and motion to dismiss in two separate cases for Suzanne Singer and showcasing my oral advocacy skills in the Closing Argument Workshop!