Week 8 2019

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

This week marked the formal beginning of mock trial preparation. On Monday, Grace and I began working on the plaintiff’s case for the mock trial. We will try both the plaintiff’s and defense’s cases for this product liability/wrongful death action. This case occurs in the fictional state of Lonestar and concerns a plane crash, financial impropriety, marital infidelity, and more. What a case! The theme ideas are endless.

Much of my week was consumed with mock trial prep. We had several more activities that fit nicely into our trial training such as an Associate College Luncheon on Objections and a seminar on court room tips. Yet, one of the high points of my week came on Wednesday. Birmingham partner Scott Williams took me to lunch at the Birmingham Art Museum of all places. It was a really nice venue with good food to boot.

The practice sessions each day were pretty rigorous. We had our coaches and various attorneys listen to our openings, closings, directs, and crosses on our different practice days. They then offered substantive feedback. They were probably more gracious about my performance than I deserved. It was an incredibly helpful exercise. It was encouraging to call on coaches with such a wealth of trial experience. One could tell from their feedback, that Rumberger’s attorneys know litigation.

On Friday, I picked up an assignment dealing with every law student’s favorite topic: choice of law. I have my work cut out for me with this one. Also, the Birmingham office was blessed with a presentation from associate Lauren Snyder (and Urban Cookhouse) on the liability of social media sites and other internet platforms for user content. Very interesting stuff. Next week will be filled with trial preparation also. Tune in to see if I am still alive.