Week 2 2018

Practicing Motions

Practicing Motions

Another fun and eventful week! I cannot believe week two has already come and gone! Although it was a shorter week, it definitely felt a lot busier than week one. I began the week by submitting a few assignments and receiving a research assignment on a trip and fall case. I also got to attend my very first firm meeting and was told that throughout the summer, I will be assigned cases to brief at the meetings!

After the meeting, I was assigned a new project to write an answer brief within in eleven days. This has put my moot court training to the test! I began by reading opposing counsel’s brief, the hearing transcript, and the record. I could not believe it when I saw the record was nearly 4,000 pages long! Fortunately, I have found it to be an extremely interesting case and I’ve enjoyed researching the issues on appeal.

On Tuesday afternoon, Michaela, Freddy, Jeff, and I all attended our first motions seminar taught by Dan Gerber. Before the seminar started, we were able to briefly catch up with each other to see how everyone enjoyed their first week and compare what type of assignments everyone was receiving. Later in the week, we were given a fact pattern and case law and were told we would be applying the new skill we had learned in our workshop on Friday morning. Although I have argued motions before in my final trial at Stetson, it was still a little nerve wracking to have to argue in front of one of the partners. I spent a good amount of time practicing my motions in my office. At the workshop, Freddy and I argued against each other, and then switched sides to argue the motions again. Overall, I thought we both did well and had some good arguments. I thought I definitely performed my best during the second round, since I had a little bit of time to ease into my role and get comfortable.

This week, I was also able to attend a hearing and mediation.  Being able to observe is one of the greatest learning experiences as a summer associate. When I am observing, it allows me to really think about the case and try to think of different arguments that I might make and strategies that I might consider using to achieve the end goal. I get to learn not only how attorneys from Rumberger practice, but I am also able to observe how attorneys from different law firms practice.

One of the things I have appreciated the most is how everyone is so willing to put time aside time to help me learn and offer advice. I also appreciate the responsibility that the firm has given me, because it has challenged me and has allowed me to learn so much in such a small amount of time.