Week 3 2018

The Summer is Flying By!

The Summer is Flying By!

I started week three by submitting a research assignment regarding sanctions that could be imposed for a violation of an indirect civil contempt order. I was originally supposed to draft a memo on my research, but because I needed to dedicate most of my time to writing the brief, I was told to only give a verbal presentation of my findings, which saved me a lot of time!

The rest of my week was spent working on the brief I was assigned the week before. It certainly was a challenge trying to complete the brief in such a short amount of time, but I even surprised myself with the amount of research and writing I had completed by Friday! Fortunately, the record on appeal needs to be supplemented which buys me a little more time to revise and make sure I’ve covered all my bases. Although there are a lot of issues to discuss, the research for this case is so interesting! This case is on a slip and (almost) fall.

Early this week, I attended the deposition workshop with partner Darryl Gavin. I really enjoyed this workshop because it was something new for me since I have never seen or taken a deposition. Originally, I was supposed to attend the workshop via videoconference along with the other summer associates, but Rob Blank, my administrative partner, decided that he wanted me to do the workshop in Tampa so that my office could watch me and provide feedback. No pressure. By the time Friday rolled around, I felt a little bit of uncertainty since I had never had any experience with depositions. But I did feel comfortable as far as my knowledge of the fact pattern. I spent a lot of time drafting and practicing my deposition and overall, I think I did well considering it was my first deposition. It was an awesome learning experience and I got a lot of great feedback from everyone!

This coming week will be a busy one, as I will be submitting my brief and catching up on all of my assignments that were postponed due to the brief. I will also get to brief a case at the meeting next week! Overall, I am really enjoying my time at Rumberger and appreciate all of the skills training that is incorporated into the program!