Week 4 2020

Writing Competition Assignment Complete!

Writing Competition Assignment Complete!

This week our writing competition assignments were due, so it was definitely my priority. On Monday, I was able to sit down and reorganize. I realized because I was unfamiliar with some of the technical aspects of the case, I was spending a little too much time learning about car maintenance and not enough time on the facts and law. Using some of the tips I had learned from various attorneys I made an outline of my motion and memorandum that I used to guide my research and writing.

A Coffee Toast!

Of course, I still had a few other assignments due during the week. I actually found I enjoyed having multiple hard deadlines in the week because when I needed a break from one assignment, I was able to focus on something else for a little while. One of the assignments was to research the appropriate procedures to object to some areas of inquiry in a deposition. I was able to learn a lot about the deposition procedures to build off of what I learned at the deposition workshop just a few weeks earlier.

Friday, the office was closed for Independence Day, so by Thursday, all I had left to complete for the week was my writing competition assignment. This was different than the other assignments I am given by attorneys because I had to create the final product alone. Of course, with my other assignments an attorney helps me complete and edit my work. For the writing competition, I had to analyze the facts, research and apply the law, and decide what to file with the “mock” court. It was a great reminder that everything I am learning this summer has a purpose. The workshops and assignments that I am completing now are preparing me to be successful when I am an attorney.