Professional Liability

Florida Supreme Court Resolves Conflict Among District Courts of Appeal over MedMal Notice Period

What’s the difference between too late and just in time? The Supreme Court of Florida...

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Employment and Labor

Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision Alters the Scope of Recoverable Damages Under Anti-Discrimination Statutes Enacted under the Spending Clause

The Supreme Court of the United States recently held in Cummings v. Premier Rehab Keller,...

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How Attorneys Can Benefit From Being in the Office (at Least Some of the Time)

Remote working and the flexibility it affords is here to stay, and its benefits must...

Professional Liability

Florida Supreme Court: Insurers can Sue Attorneys for Malpractice Under Subrogation Provision

The Florida Supreme Court has given the proverbial “green light” for insurance companies to sue...

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Professional Liability

Fourth DCA Reinforces Chapter 395 Discovery Immunity and What it Takes to Waive It

The absolute nature of discovery immunity for the peer review and credentialing process under Chapter...

Professional Liability

Morris v. Muniz: A Sword Against Whom?

Until recently, there had been confusion regarding the application of Florida’s Medical Malpractice Act[1] (the...

Professional Liability

What to Do When Faced With a Complaint Against Your Professional License

This article appeared in the "Consult the Counsel" special advertising section in the Orlando Business...

Employment and Labor

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Student Group Who Wants Access to School Funds and Facilities

Can public universities require student groups to admit “all comers” as members if they want...