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Using Vicarious Liability to Defeat Employer Negligence Claims

In lawsuits involving commercial trucking accidents, plaintiffs frequently sue the driver’s employer for vicarious liability...

Casualty Litigation

Nuts and Bolts of Florida’s Seatbelt Defense

Florida is a popular destination for vacations and second homes.  When a Canadian is involved...

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Casualty Litigation

Combating Permanency Without a Defense Medical Expert

Originally published in Trial Advocate Quarterly, Winter 2018, Volume 37, Number 1. In Florida, a...

Casualty Litigation

Removal: An Important Defense Tool in U.S. Lawsuits against Canadians

Orignally published in the Ontario Insurance Adjuster Association’s Journal, Without Prejudice, September 2017.  In the...

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Surveillance of the Incident: What Time Is the Right Time for Production?

Originally published in the Summer 2015 Issue of Trial Advocate Quarterly, attorneys Michael Forte and...

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How The Misuse Of DAVID Can Bankrupt An Officer’s Career

What is DAVID? The Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) contains information on driver’s licenses,...

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Must Medical Treaters Be Paid for Their Testimony?

Originally published in the Florida Defense Lawyers Association Trial Advocate Quarterly, Fall 2013 (Volume 32,...

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When and How Should a Lawyer Withdraw as Counsel

First published in Lawyer Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 7, July 2013 View more information

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Sliding Glass Doors: Defending Against Claims of Excessive Pull Forces

First published in DRI Critical Path Newsletter, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2012 Sliding glass...

Casualty Litigation

DUI Crashes: Officer Liability

You pull-over someone for running a stop sign. The driver turns out not to have...