Commercial Litigation

INSIGHT: Can Retailers Refuse to Serve Maskless Customers? Check ADA Rules

Retail businesses instituting face mask policies need to understand the Americans with Disability Act’s prohibitions and requirements to help avoid potential litigation, RumbergerKirk attorneys say....

Commercial Litigation

A Look at Covid-19 Litigation and Key Considerations to Mitigate Potential Litigation

Since March 2020, approximately 4,219 Covid-19 related cases have been filed across the United States,...

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Commercial Litigation

Preventing Pesticide Illness Claims

There are a number of steps PMPs can take to limit their exposure to claims...

Class Actions

Class Actions Against Higher Education for Tuition Refunds Trending After Classes go Virtual

In an effort to balance safety with education amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges...

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Commercial Litigation

Creditors Beware: Pitfalls Lurking in the CARES Act and Local Orders

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) provides, among other things, for...

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Class Actions

INSIGHT: TCPA Is Not in Quarantine During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The FCC has exempted certain calls and texts related to the Covid-19 pandemic from TCPA...

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

CARES Act Update: Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Provides Additional Relief for Small Businesses

UPDATE July 4, 2020:   Congress has passed legislation to extend the deadline to apply for...

Commercial Litigation

Mortgage Lenders Beware: CARES Act Potentially Erases Billions of Dollars in Federally-Backed Loan Values

Mortgage lenders beware: The “CARES” Act has features that make enforcement of federally-backed mortgage loans...

Commercial Litigation

The Litigation Risks of the Care Obligation of SEC Reg BI

Here are some best practices to mitigate those risks. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation...

Class Actions

Is Your Loyalty Program Putting Your Restaurant at Risk for TCPA Liability?

TCPA litigation can cost companies, both big and small, millions of dollars. Loyalty programs are...