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Attorney: Here’s how to work with employees hesitant to get Covid vaccine, Orlando Business Journal

Chase Hattaway discusses questions surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine for Orlando workplaces in an article published in the Orlando Business Journal on December 21, 2020.   

“The EEOC recently issued guidance that states that employers can generally require employees to receive vaccinations for Covid-19,” explains Hattaway. “This right, however, is not without limitations, and employers should be very careful in enforcing policies that require employees to receive vaccinations.”

He further explains that the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination against disabled employees, and Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on account of religion and pregnancy (among other things), are still applicable to employers seeking to require employees to receive vaccinations.

“Employers should first ascertain the reason the employee is refusing to receive the vaccine,” says Hattaway. “If the employee’s decision is based upon a religious objection or a medical condition, the employer should strongly consider offering an accommodation to the employee.”  

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