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BBJ Best of the Bar 2024: Rebecca Beers

BBJ Best of the Bar 2024: Rebecca Beers

Rebecca Beers (left) with Meredith Lees at the BBJ Best of the Bar Awards celebration.

Birmingham partner Rebecca Beers was selected as an honoree for the Birmingham Business Journal 2024 Best of the Bar Awards. In a profile published in the Birmingham Business Journal on May 1, 2024, Rebecca answers questions about her most memorable case, the biggest changes she’s witnessed throughout her career, big issues the industry faces, her greatest accomplishment to date and when she knew she wanted to be a lawyer, among other things. Here is just a sample of what she shared.

When asked about her most memorable case, she talked about one that has been ongoing since 2011. “We represent a legacy Birmingham company which had partnered with one of the largest companies in the world to provide repair services for military aircraft at the Birmingham airport. A jury found that the opposing party in our case had breached its contractual obligations to our client, and we are still pursuing trade secret act violation claims on behalf of our client,” she said. “Representing an historic Birmingham business against one of the largest companies in the world, represented by some of the largest and most talented law firms in the world, and coming out with a jury verdict in our favor is an experience I’ll never forget.”

Rebecca also talked about the foundational experience of working as a law clerk while still in law school with United States District Judge Bill Acker. “I learned more from that experience and from my relationship with my mentor Judge Acker than I have learned in decades of school and in nearly two decades of legal practice,” she shared.

She also noted her growth into a true business partner and counsel for clients as another milestone for which she is particularly proud. “Making the transition from a “worker bee” who writes briefs, argues motions, takes depositions, and tries cases to a lawyer who is a true business partner and counsel for my clients is significant. Instead of working “for” clients, I love now working “with” clients, not only to solve litigation problems, but also to prevent future issues and to help my clients grow a better business for their employees and their customers.”

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