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Craig Alexander Discusses Evidence Preservation and Chain of Custody

Craig Alexander talked with members of the Alabama Property and Casualty Adjusters Association (APCAA) about “Evidence Preservation Letters and Chain of Custody” during a 2019 Alabama Insurance Law & Law Ethics Update in Birmingham on July 17.

Alexander discussed spoliation (the intentional destruction, mutilation, alteration, or concealment of evidence) and the duty to prevent spoliation in situations where litigation should be anticipated or where a party receives notice of potential litigation through a preservation request.

In addition he reviewed:

  • What a preservation request should include and provided samples for the attendees.
  • How to evaluate and respond to a preservation request
  • How to establish a chain of custody when authenticating evidence

The APCAA teamed up with the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association to bring this continuing education and professional development event to four different cities in Alabama during the month of July. 

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