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Financial Advisor IQ Talks with Linda Bond Edwards about Ken Fisher's Apology and Workplace Culture

In an article published in Financial Advisor IQ on October 14, Linda Bond Edwards discusses  the kind of workplace culture Ken Fisher may have created following disparaging comments made public last week and a subsequent apology from Fisher. The last few sentences of Fisher’s apology email to Fisher Investments employees references his “colorful” means of expression in the workplace.

“While his comments and the response that followed are troubling, the more important question revolves around the culture he has created within the organization,” says Edwards.

“If the Fisher [Investments] internal culture is sexually charged and consists of sexually-oriented comments and touching, there is definitely a problem. If the culture is sexually charged, that may mean that employees may not come forward if they experience unwelcome touching or joking,” she explains. “Even if there is a policy prohibiting such conduct, employees may understand that the policy isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

Fisher’s reference to his colorful means of expression in the workplace may have made him a target for complaints, Me Too stories or lawsuits by employees emboldened by Fisher’s description of how he conducts himself.

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