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Gig Economy Expected to Expand Post-Pandemic, PlanAdviser Magazine

Gig Economy Expected to Expand Post-Pandemic, PlanAdviser Magazine

Sally Culley

Sally Culley discusses the pandemic’s affect on both the gig economy and the need for a more flexible work environment in an article published on April 28, 2021 in PlanAdviser Magazine.

“Over the course of the pandemic, you’ve had a lot of people enter this economy because their full-time jobs went away or they have children they needed to take care of at home, so there are more people entering the gig sector,” explains Culley. “More gig workers are in the western regions of the United States, and nationally there are more gig employees in urban areas, ostensibly due to a greater number of opportunities. An overrepresentation of the gig workforce resides in California, particularly in major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

She further explains that, “One of the things that the pandemic has done is force more flexibility on workers and companies. Many people have had to find jobs that are more flexible, and I think employers are really going to have to think about what this means for the long term. Many employees will find that they want to maintain a more flexible schedule.”

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