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Greenberg Talks with WCTV about Prosecution of Companies in Federal Corruption Probe

In the story, “City commissioner wants contracts tied to Maddox audited” on WCTV on August 7, 2019, Tallahassee partner Richard Greenberg talks about the federal corruption probe of suspended Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox and his longtime cohort Paige Carter-Smith. In the case, companies are being looked at for potentially illegal contracts.

In the interview, Greenberg said that while corporations are seen as people and can be prosecuted, it does not happen often. He does believe Maddox and Carter-Smith will face prison time.

"In the plea agreement, the counts that they pleaded to and the total amount of money involved was about $70,000, but when you look at the Statement of Facts, there were several hundred thousand dollars that were paid," he said.

Greenberg said the judge will take all of the information from the Statement of Facts into consideration during the sentencing, which is scheduled for November 19. He added that since Maddox has pleaded guilty, he is most-like going to face a "felony suspension" from the Florida Supreme Court, which will likely be followed by disbarment.

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