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How I Made it to Law Firm Leadership Featuring Sally Cully in

How I Made it to Law Firm Leadership Featuring Sally Cully in

Sally Culley shares her insights and experience as a law firm leader in’s “How I Made it to Law Firm Leadership” on March 29, 2024. In her role since 2018, Sally shares her insights and philosophy for those wishing to be considered for law firm leadership.

“Focus on the business of the firm, learn its work and the personalities of those that are doing the work,” she shared. She also noted that “Criticism comes easily—of others and yourself. It is much harder, though certainly more effective, to inspire, motivate and identify solutions.”

When Sally was appointed administrative partner, she had been working for RumbergerKirk for 18 years, so she was very familiar with the attorneys, employees and type of work being performed.

“I had a positive relationship with the attorneys and staff in the office, had a good sense of the business of running a firm, and was eager to motivate all the employees of the firm to do their best work,” she said when asked why the firm chose her for the role.

She also shared that mentoring from both Frank Sheppard, managing partner and Doug Brown, who was the previous administrative partner of the Orlando office, were instrumental in helping her become a leader. She said that Frank helped her understand how the firm operates while Doug prioritized ensuring that each employee was supported and had what they needed to do good work for our clients.

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