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How to Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture

How to Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture

Sally Cullley, Employment and Labor

At the Florida Educational Negotiators General Meeting on January 31, Sally Culley outlined steps to create a positive workplace culture.

In a positive workplace culture, employees embrace differences, support one another and are collaborative. Some key points Culley shared:

  • Training provides the opportunity to communicate workplace policies both during the onboarding process and periodically for all employees.
  • Follow policies to ensure that employees are treated fairly and consistently. Treating some employees differently than others causes conflict (and may lead to discrimination claims).
  • Strong communication creates connection.
  • Strong leaders create, communicate and implement a clear vision of the type of workplace that is expected and what the shared goals are.
  • When the team is working toward shared goals, there is more collaboration, teamwork and motivation for excellence.