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How to Succeed in HR at a Small, Family-Owned Company, SHRM

How to Succeed in HR at a Small, Family-Owned Company, SHRM

Linda Bond Edwards provides insight for HR professionals working in small, family-owned businesses in this article published by the Society for Human Resource Management on February 19, 2021.

Employment and Labor attorney Linda Bond Edwards

“Attention must continue to be placed on hiring so that the company avoids missing opportunities to diversify the workforce,” explains Edwards. “By only hiring friends and family of current employees, the employment pool remains homogenous and may not be in the best interest of the business.”

She also encourages HR professionals to gradually introduce structure. “It can take time, but if HR professionals start small and work up to larger issues, they will eventually implement the changes they seek and will have family members on board for the ride,” Edwards said.

“Slowly introduce a more structured environment and make the business case for making progressive HR changes,” she further explained. “Good HR policies and practices are always important, regardless of company size. Start right and the good practices will follow.”

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